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  1. Sexy in Six | Weight Loss | Fitness | Diet | Exercise by Sabrina Domenosky
    ***Sabrina has moved!!! She's now at www.sabrinalynn.com**** Come check out her new vlog there!!!! Sexy in Six Weeks is a podcast show for REAL people looking for REAL results. Discover the newest, quickest techniques, tips and tricks to replace fat with lean, gorgeous, sexy muscle. Whether you're in decent shape or haven't broken a sweat in months, Sexy in Six will help you on your journey to transform your body into something you can fall in love with.
  2. Weight Loss and The Mind 3.0 | Diet | Fitness | Health | Exercise | NLP | Healthy Thoughts and More by Scott Paton and Fitness Experts
    Each podcast, Scott delves into a different topic related to using your mind to achieve that long-sought-after goal -- a healthy body.

    Discover how to stop the yo-yo dieting forever. Join our free community at www.weightlossandthemind.com
  3. Weight Loss and the Mind Video Podcasts | Diet | Fitness | Walking | Martial Arts by Scott Paton and Fitness Experts
    Our mission is to spread physical, mental and spiritual health throughout the world. I am truly interested in seeing you achieve the health, strength and fitness goals you desire. And if you want to improve your skills in sports or martial arts, keep in mind that it all starts in your head. With the above in mind, I am uniquely qualified to help you break through barriers, leap over obstacles, walk through fear and become all you've ever wanted to be. Join our community at www.weightlossandthemind.com.
  4. Weight Loss and The Mind 2.0 | Diet | Fitness | Health | Exercise | Yoga | Healthy Thoughts by Scott Paton and Fitness Experts
    Lose weight and stay slim. "Think Fit. Be Fit." is our motto.Each week Scott Paton reveals how you can effectively use your mind to control your mouth. They show you easy, simple mind techniques that powerfully affect your emotional states. People from all walks of life visit with us every week. Why don't you join us? Visit our site at www.weightlossandthemind.com
  5. What is Yoga? by John Smiley
    The What is Yoga podcast brings you tips, techniques and strategies from leading instructors, authors, and yogis on the topic of Yoga. Join us each week to discover helpful techniques, advice and tips to help you develop your yoga practice.
  6. e6 Energy | Fitness | Focus | Energy Drinks | Energy Strips by E6 Energy with Scott Paton
    When all you need is a boost of energy, without all the excess sugar and calories, try an E6 6-hr Energy Shot. Zero calories and no refined sugar. Forget those 16 oz. carbonated Energy Drinks with a whopping 62 grams of sugar (that’s over 14 teaspoons!), and a massive 200 calories. Especially when the idea is not just to have a sugar induced burst of energy – that inevitably leads to a "sugar crash" – but with e6 Energy Shots and Strips you get sustained energy that brings increased mental focus and lasts for hours.