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  1. Varley Vehicle self help by Mike Varley
    This show is about a simple man helping himself and other people to get the most out of their life. It is about thinking like you never thought before, about stories, about humor and mostly about taking action. Taking some small action everyday to transport your life to where you want to go. It is time to put your life in the fast lane, determine where you want to go and just how fast do you want to get there. You are the driver I am the fuel.
  2. Get Fit to Get Laid | Dating | Attract Women | Better Sex | More Sex by Sabrina Domenosky
    ***Sabrina has moved!!! She's now at www.sabrinalynn.com**** Come find her!!!! In this show you'll discover how the show can: Give you rock solid confidence even around the most beautiful women. Improve your physical appearance with little to no effort on your part. Take your sex life from lack-luster to block-buster. A few upfront warnings about the show.... 1. There is no editing on the show - bloopers, complete screw ups....they're all in here 2. There is swearing - if you don't like hearing a woman swear - this is NOT the show for you
  3. Personal Development for Amazing People by jim atkinson
    www.you-are-amazing.com Explores how one day can transform your life. Discover self awareness ideas, positive attitudes and self-esteem.
  4. Human Resources | Loyalty | Leadership Development | Authentic Speakers Academy by Scott Paton and Dov Baron
    What would it really mean to you to step into the highest form of being a leader in your life? Unfortunately, most people never learn that the meaning of words like money, wealth abundance, success or fulfillment; the deeply held feelings and emotions that those words hold for you are major factors in determining your level of financial and holistic success because the meaning you give these things sets your resonance. Understanding and effectively adjusting your resonance is the key to lifelong wealth abundance and joy. in The Mind Mastery"™ Podcast, you’ll discover the quantum science behind the C.O.R.E. Affluence System. Why you you may have struggled with creating level of success, wealth and fulfillment you desire. You’ll learn the value of the creative approach to financial and holistic freedom verses the competitive approach, and how to use it. This distinction is often all you need to make dramatic gains immediately. You’ll also learn how to ask for and get what you’re truly worth!
  5. It is Just Another Day in Paradise: What's in the Bucket? Part 1 of 8 by Chuck Locy
    This a series of stories and commentary about life, attitudes, and self realizations. It will assist us in changing our life.
  6. What ever is in the Well comes up in the bucker: Sailing with Pets by Chuck Locy
    Sailing, destiny, dogs on sailboats
  7. 7 deadly sins: What's in the well comes up in the bucket by Chuck Locy
    Seven deadly sins and Gilligans Island.
  8. Occupy Your Wisdom by Chuck Locy
    How your life is controlled by the most influential person on the planet: YOU
  9. What's In the Well Comes up in the Bucket: How our quality of life depends on our thoughts and our reaction to the thoughts of others. by Chuck Locy
    How our thoughts and our reaction to the thoughts of others will effect our quality of life.
  10. 7 deadly sins: What by Chuck Locy
    What does Gilligans Island have to do with the Seven Deadly Sins?
  11. Occupy Happiness by Chuck Locy
    Motivation, happiness, forgiveness, desire, blessings