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  1. The Real Dr Doolittle Show With Val Heart | Animal Talk | Talk to Dogs | Talk to Horses | Talk to Cats | Animal Whisperer | Telepathy | Animal Communication by Val Heart and Scott Paton
    Is there a Real Dr Doolittle?

    Yes, there is! For me, a real Dr Doolittle is someone who knows how to listen to and talk with animals, like a horse (or dog) whisperer. And that’s what I’ve done since 1993, communicating with animals all over the world to resolve behavior and health challenges, improve performance, make training more fun and enjoyable – even magical! I’ve been called a real life Dr Doolittle many times in my career as an expert animal communicator, animal behaviorist, internationally recognized pet psychic and master healer (for people and animals). And I want you to learn how to talk with animals yourself! I can help teach you how to enjoy a magical powerful bond between you and your animal so you can finally get to the root of what is really going on with them. Animal Communication helps you know if your animal friend is happy or is in pain or is sick, or if they need to tell you something important. And if they're sick, I can help them get well again. Make sure your animal is happy and as pain-free as possible. What would it mean to you to learn how to talk to your animals yourself? Enjoy healthier, happier, more joy filled, empathic heart bonds with your animal companions today! Enjoy the Show!
  2. The Real Dr Doolittle Video Show With Val Heart | Talk to Animals | Dogs | Horses | Cats | Pets by Val Heart and Scott Paton
    Val shares her love and experience talking and communicating with animals.
  3. Modern Family Rulz Building Relationships That Rock by Scot Ferrell
    Scot Ferrell, behavioral specialist, best-selling author and speaker, uses his direct and unique style to help today's modern families create relationships that rock. Ferrell, a 20 year behavior expert and heavy metal rock and roll fan, guides families of all types through these difficult times of having to blend families, technology, personalities and health issues. His mantra is "I Wanna Create Relationships That Rock!"
  4. Funny Videos of Dogs Chasing RC Cars. by Mark Willison and Scott Paton
    Hilarious videos of dogs having fun chasing RC cars through the dirt, grass, mud and snow.