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  1. New Consciousness Review | Author Interviews | Book Reviews by New Consciousness Review
  2. The Last Days of Tolemac by Allan Colston and Scott Paton
    Throughout history, brave souls have stepped forward and shared sacred knowledge with all who would have ears to listen. From The Book of Revelation, Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce to modern day prophets. Many ancient cultures spent massive resources to observe what was happening in the Heavens and for good reasons. Many catastrophes came from near misses of comets, asteroids and planets. Prehistoric cultures knew that there was a repeating pattern to their disasters and that they better prepare for the next visit from an angry God (in the form of a planet, comet or asteroid)! Unfortunately, modern man forgot. After thousands of years of relative peace in the Solar System, we began to assume that we have nothing to worry about from Outer Space. Wrong! The entire earth is now facing the Great Initiation as foretold by our ancient sacred writings. We see it everyday in the newspaper headlines: Global Warming, War, Earthquakes, Stock Market Crashes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis.
  3. Occupy Your Passion by Chuck Locy
    Passion, personal gifts, dreams